Accu-Chek Active Complete Glycemia Monitor Kit


Now who is diabetic has a new ally when it comes to measuring their blood glucose levels , the new Accu-Chek Active system has arrived  . A product that, through simple use and without complexities, aims to facilitate the lives of those who need constant glycemic monitoring.

The Accu-Chek Active  Kit monitor of blood glucose completely accompanies a lancing device accu chek softclix lancets, along with ten lancets accu chek softclix lancets, test strips Accu-Chek Active chip, monitor, battery (CR 2032), user guide and still A case (soft pouch).

It is a kit that allows extreme agility in pointing results, it still offers several specifications that facilitate its use making all the difference in the use of a glycemic meter, since a device with complex functions to the user ends up not being useful and effective in Its usefulness.


Among the many differentials of the new  Accu-Chek Active  stand out functions such as:

It is uncomplicated and it aims at the agility at the time of use: It is totally easy to use the  Accu-Chek Active , just inserting the chip on its side the monitor will be fit to use. Its large screen also makes the understanding of the result data more agile.

It has notice of expiration of the test strip: This feature is of extreme importance to guarantee veracity of the results presented by the apparatus, because tapes expired can alter the structure of the material analyzed, being able to present data that do not match the real glycemic situation of the user.

Second drop in ten seconds: Accu-Chek Active  offers the possibility of inserting a second drop of blood for analysis after ten seconds without wasting tape. If the amount of blood inserted is too small and not sufficient for analysis, the user may place one more drop on the same tape, thus avoiding wastage.

Average results of up to ninety days prior: this feature allows a better medical evaluation of the rates, before and after meals. With results of 7, 14, 30 and now 90 days the doctor will be able to thoroughly evaluate the test data made on the device, making the diagnosis agile and effective.

USB connection: The meter allows the user to transfer data from the tests made to the computer through a USB cable. This facilitates and greatly the visualization and also analysis of the results for the user and also for the doctor. Therefore, glycemic monitoring becomes more effective.

Battery life: The  Accu-Chek Active  still has a high durability battery that supports up to one thousand measurements.


The test strip should be removed from the bottle and closed immediately.

Afterwards, it is necessary to insert the tape in the test monitor on the monitor in the direction of the arrows and confirm the code of the tapes in the bottle, thus the test strip symbol along with the blood drop symbol will appear on the monitor.

Then the blood drop should be applied to the center of the orange area, after which the results will be displayed in five seconds.

When the tape is removed from the monitor, it automatically shuts off by storing the result in memory along with time and date.

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