Adidas Response Boost 2.0

The adidas taekwondo shoes is a good training shoe for light and medium weight runners looking for an economical Boost. There are two versions available depending on your upper, mesh or Techfit (neoprene style fabric that adjusts much more).

It is ideal for the rider who is starting to run and wants a solid but low-priced sneaker.

  • Adidas Response Boost 2.0 for men
  • Adidas Response Boost 2.0 for women

Adidas Revenge Boost 2

The Adidas Revenge Boost 2 replaces the old Response Stability and is a mid-range shoe with a correction pen suitable for runners with slight pronation and that do not exceed 75 kg (65 kg in the case of women) and have a Moderate training volume (two, three days a week).

Although the Boost appears more camouflaged in this model, it reaches a quota of 40% and corrects somewhat the pronation because it incorporates the technology Stable Frame, like the Supernova Sequence but much smoother.

As with the Response Boost 2.0 , it is the ideal shoe for those who want a very economical option to start running and throwing kilometers.

  • Adidas Revenge Boost 2 for Men
  • Adidas Revenge Boost 2 for women

Adidas Sonic Boost

The Adidas Sonic Boost incorporates a 20% Boost in the midsole and is a mixed shoe focused on medium and light weight runners to use in training and competitions at rapid pace. It stands out for its response (Boost rebound despite not having much quantity) and its good adjustment. For its price and benefits would be something like the little sister of the Energy Boost.

  • Adidas Sonic Boost for Men
  • Adidas Sonic Boost for women

Adidas Questar Boost

The Adidas Questar Boost is the training shoe with the least amount of Boost in the midsole, 25%, and all concentrated on the heel. It is the most basic shoe in the Boost range and represents a good buy for beginner runners or occasions that do not have a good technique. Its figures: 11 millimeters drop and 320 grams (man) / 246 grams (woman).

It is ideal for those who want to try Boost technology and do not want to spend more than 70-80 €. Even so, it is a model of a very high and perfect value for the occasional runner.

  • Adidas Questar Boost for men
  • Adidas Questar Boost for women

Adidas Energy Boost 3

The Adidas Energy Boost 3 is the shoe buffered Boost also serves racing series and more than 3: 30 / km.

It was the first shoe with Boost that also revolutionized the market, with an international launch and several exclusive events to present in different countries. It certainly generated a great expectation and, after passing through the feet of many runners, far exceeded expectations.

It is an outstanding shoe because it is fast, cushioned, comfortable, soft, that fits like a glove … It can be said that having the Energy Boost in the closet is like having two different sneakers because it behaves like a classic training shoe and, too , As a mixed shoe . It will adapt to your rhythms, whether fast or slow.

In this third edition has a modified upper to improve the fit and is more stable than the previous two versions. Without a doubt, one of the most comfortable shoes at the same time as comfortable there is in the market.

  • Adidas Energy Boost 3 for Men
  • Adidas Energy Boost 3 for women

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