Can You Use Facebook As A Marketing Tool?

The online marketing game is constantly changing. It seems that we cannot go more than a few months without a radical change, especially when it comes to Google. The good old days of ranking for a buying keyword within a few days seem to be over.

Smart marketers are moving on, looking to use Facebook as a marketing tool. Can you benefit from doing the same? Let’s take a look at what Facebook can do below and why you should invest in the platform.

Facebook Easily Puts You In Front Of Your Target Audience

There are over a billion users on Facebook currently, and the website is still growing in foreign markets. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running or what you intend to offer: your target audience is spending time on Facebook and they’re just waiting for a company like yours to come and provide them with value.

Through a simple Facebook page that they can Like, you’ll be able to pre-sell your products, gather feedback, and run contests that gives users a chance to sample what you have to offer. Using Facebook as a marketing tool allows you to interact with your audience in a way that was previously impossible, or at least not feasible on a personal level. Facebook makes things personal, in a good way of course.

Social Media Is The New Currency With Google

As mentioned earlier, Facebook as a marketing tool is becoming more important because Google is constantly changing their algorithms to keep marketers at bay. They’re tired of SEO experts gaming their system, and are working as hard as possible to keep results that their users see as quality at the top.

Theyre currently doing this by looking at indicators through social media to decide which sites deserve love. If your content is being published on Facebook, and then shared throughout subscribers and friends, then Google knows that they have a piece of content on their hands that is worth ranking. Not taking advantage of Facebook means you never even get a chance at this exposure.

Facebook Ad Marketing Is Getting Better

One of the biggest knocks against Facebook when it first came out was the lack of ads, and then the lackluster way in which they were displayed. Founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for not liking ads on his website, and this may have contributed to poor management of ads at first.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With the wealth of information that the website has, targeting algorithms are finally starting to make sense. Pretty soon, you’ll be better off advertising on a platform like Facebook over Adwords or other paid networks!

There are a ton of other reasons that you should jump onto the Facebook bandwagon while theres still space; but the preceding reasons should be enough to get you started. Once you commit to a social media strategy your website will take off like you never imagined!

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