Do You Use The Ofra Cosmetics Uk Foundation Correctly?

For a makeup to succeed, the makeup foundation has to be perfect so use ofra cosmetics uk to get perfect look. It is a very important step when it comes to makeup correctly. However, in today’s market there are many different types of bases that can lead to confusion; Which is the best for my skin type? Is the color correct?

Questions we all ask ourselves when we are going to acquire a new base and, as a general rule, we never solve. And then there is the technique with which we apply that makeup; What is the right one? Do I use the base of the makeup correctly? Today in CRISTIAN LAY we are going to remove doubts so that your makeup base does not fail .

How to choose make-up base?

The color of the base of the makeup is chosen according to our natural skin tone, thus we will get a super natural effect. You do not have to choose a very dark base because it will look ugly compared to our tone in the neck. The ideal is to take half tone lighter than our skin color.

Texture of the base of makeup

Currently there are many textures to choose from; Your choice will depend on whether you want to cover imperfections, top-up result, naturalness or luminosity. Take note of all of them!

Fluid make-up bases . Ideal for a natural result, they do not cover much and allow to unify the tone lightly. There are two different types: fluid moisturizing bases and matte fluid bases. The first provide brightness and are for all types of skins. Ofra cosmetics uk proucts is matte which are perfect for skins with glitter, mixed or greasy and provide a velvety finish.

Bases of make-upĀ  mousse . They give your skin a velvety look. They cover lightly and are easy to apply. Ideal for all types of skins, especially for the most delicate.

Compact makeup bases . They are thicker and cover more. Perfect to unify complexion, camouflage imperfections and to have a more formal make-up. This type of bases can be found in powder or cream. The first ones are ideal for all types of skins, especially those that tend to shine, and those of cream are perfect for dry or mixed skins.

Bases of make-up in bar . Practical and easy to apply. Ideal to carry in your bag and touch yourself at any time.

Makeup bases in cream . Cream makeup is the most discreet since it covers less than the others. Easy to use and adds a natural tone to your skin. It can serve for day to day as it contributes hydration.

How to apply makeup?

To properly apply our base, the first thing we must do is prepare our skin. Exfoliate regularly, cleans and hydrates your skin every day. Something essential when applying the makeup is that your skin is well hydrated, this way it will look better.

A trick to make the makeup stretch well, in case your makeup is not dust, is to heat the pot with your hands, so you can facilitate its application.

With a suitable sponge you can apply the base, yes, avoid throwing a layer too thick not to suffocate the skin. The best way to apply it is from the inside to the outside of the face, starting with chin, cheeks and forehead. Blur it when you reach areas like the neck, hair roots and ears.

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