Social Media A Fastest Growing Marketing Tactic

Social media is defined as a group of media having its own group of audiences using it as social platform. In other words, it`s about people making connection and building relationship. The whole new concept was applied on internet and resulted into social media sites.

These sites fill the bridge between social marketing i.e. human to human interactions and interactive marketing i.e. human to technology interaction through human participation.

Explaining simply, by the help of technology, it helps in human interactions.

The present tools in social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. presenting a wide platform to interact with others. These all websites are meant to interact socially. But businesses found opportunity within it. Now customers were on their direct touch. They just have to deliver their message on these social media sites.

Not even businesses caught eyes; even social media discovered their potential in marketing. They rediscovered media sites to attract advertisers and they succeeded. Customers were available on these sites; advertisers just have to prove their reliability to them. On Facebook, a liked product by a potential customer works as ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing for a brand, as it is displayed to all who are in company to the person who liked it.

A person viewing that post takes it as a suggestion. Twitter works in same way. It however don’t give enough word to express, but even though penetrated a large part of social media marketing. Youtube on other hand provides a platform for video advertisements. It also works as viral communication by detailing likes and views for any specific video.

A business is represented to a well targeted mass population in a very low cost. It may have cost much higher for the same population while depending on traditional ways.

However, it`s very true that as much you invest, much is the return. But this also needs right strategy; an advertiser have to judge where and how to invest. It is important that the business decides what they want to achieve- branding, word of mouth or just sales, and then take the right step to enter within. Also a business has to learn the focus of each tool and the best way to use them. E.g. Facebook work better for word of mouth, whereas Twitter goes best with branding.

It`s good that businesses are coming on social platform. Now customer can express their views about a brand and brands too can improve themselves taking those views as suggestions. It must go on. It should have a long journey. Socially you can change much.


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