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Although some of the readers of this blog will know what I am about to say but I want everyone to begin from the same place.

The Internet is an amazing place.  In some ways the Internet is larger than the real world!I am sure you have heard that perception is 100% of reality? In everyday life it is much more challenging to access others perceptions

The Internet also allows access directly to millions of people at one time with a click of a mouse. For instance there are 500 million users of Facebook. Now I will be the first to tell you this number is actually much less as there are many, many duplicate accounts, and a whole lot of these folks just never use Facebook at all.

But even so, you still have easy access to millions of people. Not only that but we can segment these people into groups (demographics) like race, age, gender, geographics, income and much more.

Which means we can target advertising, content, and offers to almost any group of people you can imagine.

And Facebook is just one place on the Internet!

The key to making money on the Internet is to understand that all these people are buying things all the time. To people and get paid a commission for doing so.

Next time we will talk about another path to income which is offering services to people who want to use the Internet and do not know how.

Create an Online Income

There are tons of places online you can find out (almost) everything you want to know about earning an income on the internet.

I should know as I have probably paid for half of them over the last 5 years.

As someone who started when compuserve bulletin boards were big (using a Tandy 1000 computer) I have seen a few changes.

And learned a little.

There is still a long way to go. Actually I think the new things to learn far surpasses my ability to learn them!

On the other hand, as I work with small business clients to help them market online, I find few know very much at all. And this is very, very frustrating.

So our purpose is to help where we can.

Come along for the ride. There will tons of free stuff (and some Ill ask you to pay for) but the free will far outweigh the  cost

Start by filling in the option to the right this way you will now when I have posted new material for you.!

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