Ultra portable mini amplifier

In this section I am going to discover the cheapest and smallest alternatives in the market in terms of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. As an advantage to emphasize in addition to its lower price is your very content size , but we must bear in mind that they enjoy a smaller amplification than other options of greater size and power.


FiiO A1

This small amplifier comes to replace to its predecessor the FiiO E6 that so good critics has harvested by the consumers. The FiiO A1 is ready to accompany you wherever you go thanks to its battery, lasting more than 13 hours, an extra compact size that fits in any pocket and a light weight of only 20g. All this to offer a power of 78mW that will allow you to easily move headsets up to 100 Ohms impedance. Moreover, this tiny amplifier incorporates a button with which we will be able to select between 3 different levels of bass enhancement, which will provide us from a slight increase in serious with which to give vidilla to our music, to some thundering bass to enjoy Electronic music or Hip Hop very satisfactorily.


XDuoo XQ-10

We find ourselves before another Poweramp Full Version Unlocker to carry in our pocket. The XQ-10 offers us a power of 100mW weighing a little more than the A1, specifically 30g and extending the battery life up to 20h. On the contrary, in addition to its greater weight, the construction is not as premium as in the A1, in which aluminum of higher quality has been used.

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