Where To Locate Google Adsense Ads For More Profits

Adsense is used for online marketing, blogging for advertisement. AdSense account is also used to associate with YouTube account. Link your accounts to receive your corresponding payments.

When a webmaster wants to make money with Google Adsense must take into account many aspects, including the famous CTR, which is something like the percentage of effectiveness that is having an advertising campaign, so a good CTR (and a good Cost per Click daily) will make you can earn good money, but as has been said, that depends on many aspects, so today we will talk about how to optimize Adsense ads to improve profits.

The different ways to optimize our site to improve the profits are presented in our own site and in our Google Adsense account, for example, the format and location of the ads will be a key point in the optimization and therefore a good way To improve our CTR.

Some locations are better than others, and therefore the above heat map shows how ads on the left side of the site and under the headings are most effective , this is because several independent studies have shown that the classic design Where the sidebar is on the right does not work and is a place where visitors do not see much, that is, they ignore what may be there.

How to increase CPM?

CPM (or cost per thousand impressions) can be optimized by placing larger ads, for example, a text ad containing links from multiple advertisers will increase CPM as there is more competition between advertisers.

The ads with the highest performance are 160 × 600, 300 × 250 and 728 × 90, which include both text and graphics format.

How to increase CTR?

The CTR will increase when only one ad is displayed , i.e. a graphic banner or a single line text.

Another important aspect of optimizing ads to improve profits is to use the color palette correctly . Usually a user does not see too much ads that are mixed with content in how much depth and color of the titles, so it can be confusing especially if the ads are placed in places of poor visualization.

The best thing to implement a good color palette is to contrast the colors of the ads with those of the page and try to make them look like part of the site, that is, to harmonize the colors so that they look good with the site and at the same time Stand out from everything else

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